Three Biggest Challenges for Veterinarians


Being a veterinarian and helping others care for their animals can be one of the most rewarding professions around. But it also has its challenges.

A few of those challenges include:


Gone are the days when most people work nine to five, five maybe six days a week and stop for a rest on the seventh day. In 2017, we have flex hours, more self-employed people and people who work from home.

So, how do veterinarians, especially ones running a small practice, accommodate all clients’ schedules without staying open 24/7?

One solution is to set regular clinic hours and stay consistent. Your clients will soon learn when you’re available.

You can also partner up with another trusted veterinarian, either in the same building or another location. Work out an arrangement where they work during some of your off hours and visa versa. If there’s an emergency vet clinic in your area, be sure to leave their contact information in your voicemail message and on all your on-line pages and profiles.

The Internet

People have been accessing the Internet since the early 1990’s. This “fad” as some had called it, continues to inform, educate and connect people all over the world. Today many pet parents refer to the Internet for information about how to best care for their pets.

This is both a blessing and a challenge.

While it is great that there are so many who care so passionately for their pets, it can be hard for you to keep up with all that they’ve learned from other vets around the world. You’ll also need to distinguish between the virtual professionals who are offering legitimate health care solutions and those who aren’t. (There can be an awful lot of misinformation on that information highway.)

The best tool in your belt is your keen ability to listen and ask questions. Where did they get their information from? Do they have the article they read? Then, if need be, do your own research. By keeping an open mind, you can use the opportunity to further your own education.


Because of the hours you work with clients, the time spent doing the unbillable tasks around the office, and keeping up with the newest advancements in animal care, one of the biggest challenges you face is wearing yourself out.

This article called “Burnout and health promotion in veterinary medicine” found on the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine website might be able to help you out with that.



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