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Whelping Box Heater

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Provide the optimal climate for your animals with the Kane's pet heat mats. Made of durable, easy to clean polyethylene, Kane mats provide a safe and consistent heating surface. Perfect for outdoor pens, kennels, garages, dog houses, whelping areas and veterinary clinics.   NRTL, CSA/US approved.

Kane heat mats include Kane’s HMT-350 Electronic Temperature Controller. 
This thermostatic control device is designed for safe and effective heat mat surface temperature management.

  • The control allows users to select and maintain the ideal temperature for various species of Animals/Pets. This state of art controller will maintain any pre-selected temperature between 40° and 105°F.
  • This controller incorporates several unique self-activated safety mechanisms.
  • One unique safety mechanism is our high limit setting that self-activates and is relative to the set point of 105°F. 

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General Operation:

The HMT-350 is equipped with a potentiometer to adjust a required set point temperature from 40°F to 105°F and an output relay that controls the heat source.

The GREEN LED indicates/reports two scenarios related to power and thermostat sensor status activity between the mat and the control.

1. A SOLID green light indicates there is power to the thermostat.
2. A FLASHING green light indicates an alarm situation.

In the case of an Alarm condition, the controller switches off the power to the mat immediately.

Alarm conditions are:

 Temperature sensor makes a short circuit or
 Temperature sensor has an "open" connection with the controller input.
 The RED LED indicates/reports when the heat source is turning off and on.

1. A SOLID RED light indicates there is power allowed to the mat.
2. When the RED light is NOT ON there is no power to the mat.

 The switch differential is fixed at 2°F below the temperature set point.

Example: Set point is 90°F.

When the measured temperature reaches 90°F, the controller turns OFF the power to the mat. When the mat temperature drops below 88°F the controller turns ON the power to the mat raising the measured temperature to 90°F and repeats this cycle continually.

A fuse (4 Amps) inside the controller protects the controller electronics and heat elements from overloads.

NOTE: User should take into consideration that on a large mat, the surface temperatures, in areas where the sensor is not present, may not read the same as the surface where the sensor is placed due to standstill air gap between the element and the enclosure which has an influence on the thermal conductivity. It is not unreasonable to see 4°- 6° difference between various areas on a large mat compared to the spot the sensor is located.


There are dangerously high voltages inside the control unit.
The user should never open the apparatus!
The apparatus main supply is for 120Vac 60 Hz single phase only.




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