Preparing for Your First Litter


You didn’t make the decision to become a breeder lightly. You did your research, selected your litter mother carefully and let her mature until she was over two years old, all the while making sure she was safe, happy and healthy.

You were also on the look out for her perfect partner; that flawless male with which to mate and you have finally found the best match possible. He is compatible with her in temperament and you checked his lines, going back many, many generations. He is also healthy and happy. With all I’s dotted and T’s crossed, contracts signed, and the intended litter announced, the breeding commenced. And now, the vet you had chosen to work with you through the process has just said the ultrasound shows she’s pregnant!


You are so excited and so terrified at the same time! Pregnancies last 58 to 65 days from the time her and the father were bred, so you start to make preparations.

You and the male’s breeder have decided to work together, so that’s the first phone call you make. You discuss what day the puppies are expected and he has said he can be available no matter when she starts labor. Now you need to get supplies for the big day.

You make a list, which includes:
Whelping Box
Whelping Box Liner
Heating Pad
• Whelping Pads
• Towels
• Bulb Syringe
• Thermometer
• Stethoscope
• Gloves
• Hemostat
• Disinfectant
• Round-tip Scissors
• A Weigh Scale
• Flashlight
• Unwaxed Dental Floss (in case you have to tie the umbilical cord)
• Record Book (including emergency contact numbers for your vet, the backup vet,
etc.), or your smartphone (also handy for taking pictures and calling someone if
you need help)
• Snacks for humans – it’s going to be a long day/night and you need your strength

With supplies bought and whelping box set up and ready, all you can do now is continue
to keep her healthy and happy and wait for the big day!



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