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Fleece Whelping Pad, Crate Liner, Vet Bedding
Fleece Whelping Pad, Crate Liner, Vet Bedding
Fleece Whelping Pad, Crate Liner, Vet Bedding
Fleece Whelping Pad, Crate Liner, Vet Bedding
Fleece Whelping Pad, Crate Liner, Vet Bedding
Fleece Whelping Pad, Crate Liner, Vet Bedding
Fleece Whelping Pad, Crate Liner, Vet Bedding
Fleece Whelping Pad, Crate Liner, Vet Bedding
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Maximum Quantity: 10
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Vet Bedding (Fleece) available in bulk.  Rolls are 60" wide and you purchase by the linear foot and custom cut your own pieces.  For example, if you select a quantity of 3 that indicates 3 feet and you will receive a piece of Vet Bedding 60" wide by 36" long.  Sharp blade easily cuts backing for custom sizing.

You won't find anything this thick, soft, comfortable and durable in the Big Box Stores!

Veterinary Bedding (Vet Fleece) is a unique blend of fiber that is both thick and dense. The fiber whisks moisture away from your pet while providing soft, stable and comfortable bedding. The fiber is non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant, will not support bacterial growth and is machine washable, bleachable and dryable.

Made/Available in the U.S.A. This bedding material has historically been manufactured in Great Britain and used extensively in Europe. Access in North American has been limited and only available through specialty importers at a premium price. Lakeside Products has partnered with a prominent North American manufacturer to bring you a quality product that is proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Extremely Durable, won't unravel, long lasting and lightweight. The unique fiber blend keeps your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It may be used indoors, outdoors, for kennel pads, as protection for furniture, upholstery, or as a great gripping surface to encourage the mobility of newborn pets.

Developed by the Medical Industry for use as hospital pads, Vet Bedding is now widely used by veterinary clinics, breeders, and pet lovers for orthopedic problems, incontinence, whelping, illness, surgical recovery and for the general well-being of animals.

This is a premium density and thickness product and is not like anything you find in the big box stores. In addition to being soft and functional it can be rolled up for storage or transportation and will last for years. 

  • Deluxe Bedding has a density of 1300 grams/sq meter (1100 grams/sq yard) and is an economical and functional bedding product.
  • Super Deluxe Bedding has a density of 2000 grams/sq meter (1650 grams/sq yard) and is a superior product that will provide beneficial use for many years.
  • Non-Skid Super Deluxe Bedding is the same Super Deluxe Bedding product but has a rubberized backing that prevents slipping on tile, wood, and other smooth floors.

Availabe in Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Gray, Fleece (Natural) and Purple. Colors vary by style 


  Vet Fleece Water Absorption          Cutting Vet Fleece

  Washed Vet Fleece                        Super Deluxe vs. Non-Skid

Reviewed by Gabby Jack Ranch, 09/25/2016

Amazing bedding! There is no way that my dogs have been able to destroy this extra soft and lush bedding! Believe me, they try! I used scissors to cut the size I wanted and it was easy. The padding washes like a dream and keeps the color and fluffiness as if it was new! As dog breeders, we use the bedding for a number of things and I feel great using it for my newborn puppies. The quality is over the top. No fuzz to get in the puppies' mouths or nails, even foxtails have trouble staying in the fleece. I am buying another large order because it is the best we have ever used for bedding. I highly recommend this fleece!

Reviewed by Raime, 04/25/2014

I bought the 2000 ct one with the rubber on the back and it is amazing. The puppies are doing great on it and it staying very dry. Wonderful product

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